Hardest Working Players on Earth- Rick Vito

September 30, 2016 | By Joe Leach

In speaking to Rick I was struck, as I have been with the other players in this series, by the absolute sincerity and honesty with which he spoke about his career and his personal views on being a guitar player. View full article →

Hardest Working Players on Earth - Pete Anderson

September 22, 2016 | By Joe Leach

It’s entirely appropriate that in our “Hardest Working Players on Earth” series I would speak to Pete Anderson. In preparing for the interview, I found myself exhausted just reading about everything Pete has done in his career so far... View full article →

Reverend Hardest Working Players on Earth- Jake Woodruff, Defeater

September 09, 2016 | By Joe Leach

Jake Woodruff knows hard work. Watch him on stage and you will see what I mean. Work-ethic overload. And not surprisingly, Jake plays Reverend Guitars.

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