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Reverend Hardest Working Players on Earth- Jake Woodruff, Defeater

By Joe Leach | September 09, 2016

Jake Woodruff knows hard work. Watch him on stage and you will see what I mean. Work-ethic overload. And not surprisingly, Jake plays Reverend Guitars.

Jake also knows how incredibly hard a tour can be particularly when you travel the tour path of Defeater, literally one of the hardest working bands on Earth. Jake and Defeater have toured across 3 continents, multitudes of countries and too may stages to count in their last 14-month stint. And while that’s just business as usual, what’s not is getting stranded in the middle of Wyoming with a flat tire on your trailer.

In our conversation, I asked Jake about a particularly hard leg of his tour and with great humor he told me a tour story for the ages. It starts with a blown trailer tire in Wyoming 70 miles from anywhere.

Jake recounted that after learning at 2 AM that Triple A doesn’t cover trailers, the band did their best to sleep in the stranded van waiting for the closest Wal-Mart to open in the morning, not knowing if they’d make load-in in Denver the next afternoon.   Not many of us know the particular anxiety of hearing an 18-wheeler approach a stranded van in the middle of the night and the ensuing relief of it passing by without incident, but Jake does.

Not the kind of hard work we typically think of, but let’s face it, that’s some tough going. But Jake was cool with it. It worked out fine. He told me, “I realized that as I kept touring (he’s been on the road since he was 17) that every problem has a solution.”

How’d that gig go? I asked. I could actually feel the enormous smile over the phone…”it was the best show of the tour!”

Jake plays a 2012 Reverend Charger in violin brown that he absolutely loves. In fact, he got a new one and still plays the old one most of the time. He also has a Pete Anderson Eastsider-T.  

You can find out more about Jake, one of our Hardest Working Players on Earth at the links below- make sure you follow him everywhere. We truly thank him for his time and loyalty to Reverend!

Jake's Bands Websites: defeater.medreamtigerscollective.comdreamtigers.bandcamp.com

Facebook: facebook.com/defeaterbandfacebook.com/dreamtigersmusic

Instagram: @jacobikenobi, @defeaterband, @dreamtigersmusic