Innovating the Sustain Game: A Review of the Amptweaker PressuRizer Compressor Pedal

July 20, 2017 | By Andy Perrin

The PressuRizer hit the floor at winter NAMM 2017 and has generated a well-deserved buzz for its innovative approach and design. As its name suggests, this compact pedal packs a tandem punch, offering up both sustain for days and the option for added boost. On its own, the effective pairing of those elements in a single stompbox would be a point scored for Amptweaker—but it is the way these two effects are engineered to play together that signals how the PressuRizer truly moves to goal posts for all other competitors in the compressor pedal game.

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A Review of the Amptweaker DeFizzerator

July 19, 2017 | By Andy Perrin

Weighing in at a modest five ounces and at the size of a standard micro guitar pedal, the Amptweaker DeFizzerator Passive EQ is a subtle yet significant addition to any rig. With but a single three-way switch and solo nob for fine-tuning, the DeFizzerator offers up a surprising spectrum of well-crafted frequency cuts and can be positioned in a setup in a surprising number of ways.

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Ibanez Artcore: The Scoop

June 08, 2017 | By Ellen Leach

As a proud Ibanez dealer for nearly a year now, we’ve been able to discover some serious gems among their MASSIVE lineup. But, there’s one series that’s adored unanimously among the staff here at Riff City: The Artcore.

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Affordable and In-Charge

June 07, 2017 | By Ellen Leach

Recording King began in the 1930s during the golden age of musical craftsmanship. With vintage designs and hand-assembled components, these guitars have the look, feel, and sound of the classic models that came out of this influential time in musical history – but with contemporary enhancements to conform to the modern player.

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A "First Guitar" Favorite

June 06, 2017 | By Ellen Leach

Alvarez offers a variety of options, ranging anywhere from $199.99 to upwards of $1,200 – and they’re all beautifully crafted instruments. We’ve found that they shine for beginners and intermediate players, because their offerings in those price ranges blow other brands out of the water. Since they’re known for their comfortable feel and playability, first-time players can really snag the benefits.

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The (R)Evolution of Signature Gear: A Review of the Keeley D&M Drive

May 15, 2017 | By Andy Perrin

It’s undeniable that social media has forever changed the guitar gear industry. Yet even in this new era, the Keeley D&M Drive signals something entirely new and represents an industry first. The pedal is a signature effect not in tribute or partnership with Rock and Roll Hall of Famers but with a new generation and type of music industry royalty: YouTube’s Mick Taylor and Dan Steinhardt of “That Pedal Show.”

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Schecter Omen Extreme Series

May 10, 2017 | By Ellen Leach

With some of the most striking finishes like Black Cherry, Vintage Sunburst, and See-Thru Black, along with quilted maple tops, these guitars know how to turn heads and make a statement.

The most “extreme” part about these guitars, however, is the price! Most Omen Extreme models ring up under $500, which is incredible for the specs.

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Fender Mustang GT Amps

May 05, 2017 | By Ellen Leach

The new Mustang GT series connects you to an entirely new creative world, combining state-of-the-art digital and wireless technology that you haven’t yet seen in an amp. Stream music, program remotely, and access artist-created presets via Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. View full article →

Gretsch G5435 Special Run Pro Jets - Back In Stock!

May 03, 2017 | By Leslie Rich

At first we thought it was just a cool twist on an already classic guitar. The G5435 is a pretty bare bones work-horse and the Gold, Silver Sparkle and Black were selling well at Riff City. Our idea was to bring some color to the table - We thought Surf Green and Tangerine Sparkle added a bit of much needed fun! View full article →
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