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A baby in the industry but a legend in tone

By Melissa Olmscheid | October 19, 2016

Thorpy FX

Good Morning, Riff City!

Brand new to the industry, English company, ThorpyFX released its first product in 2015. This product promised superior quality and sound with extremely robust construction designed to survive the most rigorous road ventures. They want you to know that when you buy a ThorpyFX pedal, you are without a doubt getting the highest quality components on the market along with tone-shaping abilities you didn’t even know existed. Let’s check out their current lineup:

The Gunshot is an overdrive designed to solve the “tube amp vs. overdrive pedal” problem, and to conquer the competition by adding that missing “something” you can’t seem to find in other ODs.

Another overdrive option, the Peacemaker, takes on low-gain overdrive like a champ.  Ride on the sweet edge of crunch – and don’t worry about your rig…it suits any guitar/amp combination you throw it at.

Bringin’ on the distortion, the WarthogThis pedal delivers a huge range of tones from crystal clean boost to the dirtiest, most mind-crushing gain.

The Fallout Cloud brings up the caboose in this announcement, but surely not in the industry of tone! This ‘triangle era’ fuzz produces a wide range of tones that can be adjusted with a perfectly voiced EQ.

C’mon, don’t be shy – we know the urge to snag one of these pedals is bubbling inside you! In stock and ready to roll, Riff City Guitar and ThorpyFX can’t wait to “pimp your pedal board.”


the Riff City Crew

P.S. To watch the Gunshot in a ‘demo shootout,’ check out last Friday’s episode of “That Pedal Show!”