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By Melissa Olmscheid | October 20, 2016

Cordoba Guitars

Good morning Riff City,

Is the relationship with your current guitar “complicated?” Cordoba makes it easy to keep the relationship between you and your guitar on good terms by combining truly traditional craftsmanship with modern advancements. They set themselves apart from competition with a variety of guitars, ukuleles and some of their very own innovations.

Cordoba is most prominently known for their classical guitar selection, offering a variety of student, intermediate and advanced options. For all the kiddos out there, the Protégé line offers ¼, ½, and ¾ size guitars at an incredible price point. Jump to a C5, C5-CE or GK Studio for a more advanced, lifelong experience. The 15 and 20 series ukuleles are also a fan-favorite, ranging from soprano to baritone with responsive mahogany wood construction.  You won’t be disappointed in the quality, construction, or impeccable tone.

Riff City is proud to carry this incredible line. Check out our selection, would ya?

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the Riff City Crew 

P.S. Christmas is just around the corner…get ahead of the game and score something for someone special (even if that someone special is YOU!)