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A different kind of Fuzz in your pocket

By Melissa Olmscheid | November 04, 2016

Fire Custom Shop Fuzz Keychain

As a guitar player, you can never have too much Fuzz in your pocket, so how about a fuzz in keychain format that you will be able to play and take anywhere?

Built by the Fire Custom Shop the Fuzz itself is just a small board assembled with their high-quality components. Hung on a key ring it’s innocuous enough, but plugged in… WOW!

We turned it over and over in our hands initially and eventually someone said, “I think it’s a Fuzz Pedal”… The rest of the team stared like he was nuts, before running to the amp room to try it.

Sitting a little brighter than a Dunlop Fuzz Face, but not as “razor” sounding as an EHX Lumberjack, it really does surprise. There’s no enclosure, or on/off switch, but that just adds to the fun of possibly building something yourself, or simply just keep it as a keyring – and keep a little Jimi in your pocket!

Riff City Guitar have a limited number of these ingenious little gifts available for $19.99.

Cool? Yes. Novelty? Not!