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Affordable and In-Charge

By Ellen Leach | June 07, 2017

Recording King

Recording King began in the 1930s during the golden age of musical craftsmanship. With vintage designs and hand-assembled components, these guitars have the look, feel, and sound of the classic models that came out of this influential time in musical history – but with contemporary enhancements to conform to the modern player.

So, all of this “golden” musical craftsmanship must come with a hefty price tag, right? Wrong. Recording King instruments not only blow similarly-priced guitars out of the water, but they blow guitars in higher price tiers out of the water, too. Just to give you an idea, you can get an ENTIRELY solid-wood guitar for just $299.99!

We decided to stock up on some models from their ever-popular “Dirty 30s” collection, along with some EZ Tone Plus (those ALL solid ones I was talking about). However, the coolest thing we were able to snag is a couple of RD-T16s – a dreadnought acoustic guitar with a torrefied wood top. These are apparently very difficult to get ahold of as retailers, so we got extremely lucky! If you’ve got your eye on that one, I wouldn’t waste another minute!

Recording King is also very well known for banjos – a selection here at Riff City that we’ve been excited to expand. We’ve only got a couple Recording King’s in stock at the moment, but there are more on the way. Let us know which models you’d like to see!

Take a gander at our selection of Recording King guitars and banjos now!