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An Instantly Recognizable Classic

By Melissa Olmscheid | October 07, 2016

Danelectro '59 M Plus

Quite simply, everyone should have a Danelectro in their proverbial “Kit Bag”. They’re affordable, tough on the road and the tone is like nothing else.

The ’59 has had some much needed upgrades of late. The body is still a hollow body, Masonite top and back on a plywood frame. It retains all the character of the original, although new appointments are the hugely more usable and resonant wraparound bridge, a three way selector switch and the stacked tone and volume controls for each pickup. The aluminum nut adds a bell-like quality that is pretty special.

The upgraded ‘59’s lipstick pickups have a solid low end and a garage band sounding, punchy mid-range while still retaining the smooth brightness at the top end.

The '59 is a surprisingly gig-ready guitar, even though it's light weight makes it seem otherwise.  But trust us, once you embrace the gritty early rock it represents you'll surely be long term friends in the studio and on stage.

What a treat for the midweek!

the Riff City Crew

P.S. The "59 Plus" is poised to see the same critical acclaim that the NOS has had, so if you collect great guitars, you want to get one of these early releases.