Riff City Shameless Plug - Gear News!

...and we're just giving it away!

By Melissa Olmscheid | December 02, 2016

Free Talent Booster with $250 Purchase

Ever wondered why some musicians just seem to “get it” while you struggle? How some players can hear a song and then instantly play it? Or maybe, the only thing holding you back from your dream, is the hours and hours of practice usually needed?

The simple, secret answer to all these questions could just be the Zombie Box Effects Talent Booster Pedal! It might seem too good to be true, but simply plug in your instrument of choice, kick on the Talent Booster and instantly get results*.

With true bypass (The input is directly wired to the output), runs on a single 9v battery, on/off footswitch, LED indicator and will accept any instrument plugged in with a ¼” cable. Switch it on and watch what happens. Switch it off and…well...

Ok, it's a joke...but it's a good one to play on your band mates! And while it really does nothing (unless you are susceptible to placebos*) it is a REAL pedal and you can get one for FREE today with any $250 purchase (while limited supplies last.)

How could you not want one?

*Henry K Beecher Placebo Study 1955