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“Big” things can come in small packages!

By Melissa Olmscheid | October 07, 2016

Catalinbread Pedals

Catalinbread sets out to make a true difference in the industry by creating authentic reproductions of the most legendary musical devices.  With their crazy cool staff (including a guitar-playing cat and a dog that is head of human relations), a knack for quality gear, and endless creativity, they achieve this goal.  Here’s are some of our favorite Catalinbread creations.

The Belle Epoch is a recreation of the ever-so-classic EP-3 tape delay.  Neglecting the idea of any ordinary digital delay pedal, the Belle Epoch takes everything you love about the original EP-3 and squishes it into a small, convenient package.  It even features a preamp, giving you the ability to control the record level of the signal, the way the repeats decay and the way the circuit works with your amp and other pedals.  It “plays well with others,” if you will.

The Dirty Little Secretor “Marshall in a box,” is known for its striking resemblance to the classic plexi tones of your favorite Marshall amp.  With two classic circuits, Super Lead and Super Bass, you can shape your tone all the way to “rock ‘n’ roll” heaven.

The Talisman is an “era-defining” plate reverb pedal that delivers the authenticity of an original plate reverb unit, which let’s be honest, wouldn’t sit nicely on your pedal board at 7ft long and 4ft tall.  Plate reverb is an artificial effect that uses a metal sheet that vibrates when soundwave that hits it.  The Talisman recreates this effect without that thin, tinny, metallic sound.

the Riff City Crew

P.S. The Belle Epoch was recently featured on an episode of “That Pedal Show.”  Go check it out now!