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Blues Brothers At Heart

By Leslie Rich | August 31, 2016

Limited Edition Fender Blues Junior

It’s a Blues Junior BRIGADE!  The first Blues Junior was introduced in attempt to achieve tube-driven blues and rock sounds, in a portable and affordable way.  Since its original debut, Fender has re-introduced the amp in a variety of limited edition models to cater to more players’ speaker preferences.  Here’s a few of our favs:

The Tried-And-True:  The standard black tolex model has always been a fan favorite, and with the release of the Blues Junior III in 2010, you can still get that original ‘Blues Junior’ feel with some majorly updated components.

Tweed Temptation: Limited edition with flashy lacquered tweed covering and a Jensen C-12N speaker for a truly vintage feel.

Surf’s Up:  Another limited edition with a gnarly Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker and surf green tolex.

80 Proof: Aged whiskey barrel oak cabinet material with a Jensen P12Q Alnico speaker…tone that goes down smooth.

Off to sell some amplifiers,

the Riff City Crew

P.S. Due to dealer allocations on this limited whisky barrel run, we only have 1 of the 80 Proof models left, so it may be gone SOON!