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Chapman 2017

By Ellen Leach | April 04, 2017


Chapman Guitars 2017

It’s been a long time coming, and after over a year in the making, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally upon us. And it’s brilliant.

In January at the NAMM Show, the Chapman crew press-released the debut of 29 new models, each of which were designed to represent a crucial component of their mission in the industry. With a refreshed image, Chapman Guitars remains the charming company that collaborates with fans, represents quality craftsmanship and musicianship, and is brought to life by some of the coolest guys on this planet (unarguably).

So, here’s the breakdown. Chapman’s new guitars are the result of a desire to cater to more players, with a wider price range. Thus, the Standard, Pro, and Signature series were born. The “Traditional” and “Modern” versions of the ML3 are still in full swing, but now you can “traditionalize” or “modernize” your ML1, too. Across the board, there are new features, developments, and quality considerations. Let’s take a closer look at each series in a bit more detail.

Standard Series

The Standard Series guitars are easily distinguishable by gloss finishes. Along with the exciting birth of the ML1 Traditional and ML1 Modern, the Standard series also boasts another notable addition: the ML1 Modern Baritone. But don’t worry - your ML2s, ML3s, and Ghost Frets haven’t gone anywhere.

  • What’s Remarkable? Chapman quality at $399-$449
  • Key Features: Gloss finishes, rolled fingerboard edges, Chapman pickups and hardware, deluxe gig bag.
  • Achievement Award: ML1 Modern Baritone
  • New Developments: ML1 Traditional (SSS), ML1 Modern (HH), ML1 Modern Baritone

Pro Series

The Pro Series guitars sport carved tops and satin finishes, along with the adoption of the highly anticipated MLV. Just like the Standard Series, Traditional and Modern versions of the ML1 have been introduced, and you can still get an ML2, ML3 (traditional or modern), or Ghost Fret. Some other notable features include rolled fretboard edges, Hipshot tuners, pro hard shell cases, and strap locks.

  • What's Remarkable? Nothing on the planet compares to these cutting edge designs.
  • Key Features: Satin finishes, rolled fingerboard edges, Chapman pickups, Hipshot tuners, hard shell case.
  • Achievement Award: ML2 Modern Pro in Fireburst
  • New Developments: ML1 Pro Traditional (SSS), ML1 Pro Modern (HH), MLV Modern

Signature Series

The Signature Series is where you will find some of the models they just couldn’t part with. The CAP10 America, CAP10 White, Rob Scallon, and Norseman all continue their legacy in the new line. But now, this series is also the bearer of the highly anticipated Rabea Massaad Signature models – the ML3 BEA and ML3 BEA Baritone. With Paduak necks, Chapman Henchman pickups, and Rabea’s talented touch, these are guaranteed ultimate success. 

A huge “thank you” to all Chapman enthusiasts out there anxiously awaiting these guitars for hanging in there with us. As a proud U.S. Chapman retailer, we are extremely excited to get these into your hands.

At this time, our first shipment is expected to arrive in June. This ETA may be subject to slight changes, as some aspects of delivery are out of our control on their quest to the States from overseas. If you want to secure a guitar from our first limited shipment, PRE-ORDER NOW.

PLEASE NOTE: We still have limited quantities of most legacy models, and they’re going fast, so lock one in now for the chance to own a piece of Chapman history.

Now the question is, why did you read this entire post when you could have been pre-ordering a new Chapman guitar?

Over ‘n’ out.