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Chapman 2017 Guitars - Standard Series

By Ellen Leach | April 15, 2017

Setting A New Standard

In 2014 Rob Chapman wrote:

"I have a dream where people can buy a guitar with mega high pro spec for just £399. I know it can be done and I'm on a mission."

There’s no question that Mr. Chapman has accomplished his mission and has now stirred up some serious buzz. Many of you are aware of the new developments and changes that have been implemented on the new line-up. Now, with three distinct series, Chapman caters to more players, including those who may not have been able to pull the trigger in the past due to the guitars being out of their price range. The Standard Series offers affordable options to those who have been dying to get one in their hands, without compromising Chapman’s undeniable craftsmanship.

The awesome thing is, as Rob imagined, “affordable” doesn’t mean less options. In the Standard Series you can choose from the same basic configurations found in the Pro Series, including the ML1 Traditional or Modern, ML2 Modern, ML3 Traditional or Modern, and Ghost Fret. The Standard Series also offers possibly one of the coolest new additions to the range as a whole: the ML1 Modern Baritone.

Now let’s talk "mega high pro" specs. The most noticeable difference between a guitar in the Standard range and the rest of the lineup is a gloss finish. The finishes look truly exceptional, some of our favorites include the gloss Black Blood finish on the Ghost Fret, and the gloss Graphite finish on the ML1 Modern Baritone. Their bodies may be gloss, but their bolt-on maple necks sport a satin finish, with a comfortable “C” shape profile. Some models feature a maple fretboard while others ebony, but they all have rolled edges for added comfort while playing.

Chapman completes the mission by leveraging the quality of their custom branded pickups. With either Alnico 5 or Ceramic magnets and a variety of output levels, achieve an incredible range of tones to fit your playing style. Some models even have coil-splitting abilities activated by a push/pull Tone knob, so you can really tune into your tone.

Every guitar in the Standard range also features Chapman Classic tuning machines, bridges, strap buttons, and includes a deluxe gig bag.

All of this at a price point of $399-$449, mission accomplished Rob...mission accomplished.

If you haven’t pre-ordered your new Chapman Standard guitar yet, there’s still a chance you can get one from our first limited shipment. The first guitars are expected to arrive June/July, so don’t miss this train, because the next to arrive at the station isn’t for a month to follow!

Now, seriously. Go pre-order a guitar!