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Eastwood Surfcasters

By Melissa Olmscheid | October 07, 2016


We’re really excited to announce the Eastwood Surfcaster Bass. The makers of Eastwood are always inspiring us with their reissues of slightly off-kilter limited runs from the past. When we say past, we mean 1991. We can’t quite call 1991 vintage yet, but it’s creeping up on us! (Every day, in fact - Joe)

They also know how to put a smile on our face and the Surfcaster Bass is no exception.
It’s made from a chambered Mahogany body topped with Maple. The lipstick pickups are hand wound in the UK by Mojo Pickups. The combination of all of that gives a surprisingly silky bottom end to the lows and an articulate bite to the highs. Switching to the neck alone brings out more of a jazzy smoothness and to the bridge alone gives you a punky kick! The sound is not typical, but it covers a lot of ground, tone wise, and we almost guarantee it’s one of those instruments that will instinctively draw something new out of you.

It’s a 34” scale and has a comfortable bound, satin finished Maple neck, topped with a great “paddle” of a headstock. Two stunning colors are available – A Cherry Burst and a Sea Foam Green.

the Riff City Crew