Riff City Shameless Plug - Gear News!

Friday through Monday

By Melissa Olmscheid | December 09, 2016

Double Points Weekend

This weekend we’re offering Double Riff Rewards points on all purchases made between Friday the 9th and midnight Monday the 12th of December.

You get two Riff Reward points for every dollar spent and these points are redeemable for anything in our store – Even gift cards!

  • 250 Riff Rewards Points = $5
  • 1000 Riff Rewards Points = $25
  • 1800 Riff Rewards Points = $50
  • 2500 Riff Rewards Points = $100

We get it… You waited until the last minute for your guitar/keyboard/music accessories, but now you can feel good about it! As if you’d planned it all along; Just so you could double up on your rewards points!

Also, let’s just remind you, that if you haven’t set up your account yet, you could already have points waiting, plus there's a sweet 100 points for just signing up!

Monday is probably the last, “for sure” bet on being able to get your purchases before Christmas, so what better incentive than this?