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Gretsch G5435 Special Run Pro Jets - Back In Stock!

By Leslie Rich | May 03, 2017

A new run of the popular Riff City exclusive colors.

At first we thought it was just a cool twist on an already classic guitar. The G5435 is a pretty bare bones work-horse and the Gold, Silver Sparkle and Black were selling well at Riff City. Our idea was to bring some color to the table - We thought Surf Green and Tangerine Sparkle added a bit of much needed fun!

It didn’t take too long before we realized we had a hit on our hands. We launched the colors in October and by the New Year the Tangerine was sold out, with only a light sprinkling of Tangerine Sparkle dust to suggest they were ever here!

The Surf Green wasn’t too far behind, lasting only another couple of weeks before we were left spinning and, of course, empty handed!

Not to worry, though, as we quickly shook ourselves off and immediately placed an order to restock. The wait has been quite honestly, excruciating!

But the GOOD NEWS is, that they’re finally HERE!

The chambered basswood body with maple cap allows the Blacktop Filter’Tron’s a chance to ring out, with all the chime and resonance you’d expect from a Gretsch. The smaller body gives a tighter, more focused bite. It comes with a master tone and individual volume for each pickup, a three way selector switch and then a classic, Gretsch master volume on the horn. The bridge is a no-nonsense adjustomatic and stop tail-piece, for rock solid intonation. The solid maple, set neck is topped with a rosewood fretboard and hump backed inlays. Things are simple and solid up top with a set of vintage style, button tuners.

It’s a rocker, it’s a blues machine and it’s not shy about pop and country, either!

Which color are you going to get?