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Ibanez 2017 Lineup

By Leslie Rich | January 12, 2017

Ibanez 2017 Lineup New Models Coming Soon!

Ibanez have been having a pretty strong showing of late. 2016 was a great year here at Riff City Guitar for Ibanez. We loved the RGDIX7MPBSBB in the Surreal Blue Burst, which actually made it into our 2017 calendar. You guys were snapping up GIO’s and Artcore’s like there was no tomorrow and of course, the “one-on-every-pedal-board” Tubescreamer.

2017 is shaping up to continue that trend. With some beautiful new finishes, not least of which are the gradients, some fabulous tone woods, new signature models (I think the Joe Satriani is invisible to ALL radar!) and new acoustics with torrified tops (Thermo Aged, in Ibanez speak).

Pedals are in no short supply either, with some new mini pedals – A Fuzz and a Chromatic tuner.

Lastly (And we wish more manufacturers offered this), there’s a great range of tools, allowing you to keep your Ibanez in perfect playing shape – With nut and fret files, fret polishers, they really haven’t held back.

Keep your eyes open for emails about Ibanez as we start receiving these great pieces of gear

the Riff City Crew