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Ibanez Artcore: The Scoop

By Ellen Leach | June 08, 2017

Ibanez Artcore

As a proud Ibanez dealer for nearly a year now, we’ve been able to discover some serious gems among their MASSIVE lineup. But, there’s one series that’s adored unanimously among the staff here at Riff City: The Artcore.

When you think of an Ibanez, a super-shredder guitar with a supreme finish and humbucking pickups is probably what comes to mind. The Artcore series departs from this image and delivers high-quality, classic-looking hollow body guitars for incredible prices.  So far, we’ve got a variety of Artcore, Artcore Vintage, and Artcore Expressionist models to showcase. So what’s different about them?


Introduced in 2002, the Ibanez Artcore has become the hollow body of choice among guitarists everywhere. Extremely diverse, these guitars will perform under any musical circumstance – whether it be blues, country, rock, or jazz. Some of the Artcore line’s common features include maple bodies, solid or burst finishes, bound rosewood fretboards, and mahogany set-in necks. Check out the AM53 if you want extreme quality for the price, or the AF75T with a vibrato tailpiece to jazz up your set.

Artcore Vintage

Under the Artcore umbrella, the Artcore Vintage guitars deliver the same quality and performance, but are set apart by their vintage-inspired relic finishes. Get a full-bodied AFV10A for maximum projection, or a slimmer-bodied ASV10A to stick to that more “electric” feel. New for 2017, you can get your Artcore Vintage in a beautiful Transparent Cherry Red finish. Check one out here.

Artcore Expressionist

The Artcore Expressionist is for those who love a stunning quilted or flamed top. Common features in the Artcore Expressionist series include 3-piece maple/mahogany necks, bound rosewood fretboards, figured tops, and Super 58 humbucking pickups. Take a gander at these AS93s in Violin Sunburst or Blue Sunburst. A little more pricey, but also a little more breathtaking.

Every Artcore guitar we’ve picked up has thoroughly impressed us, and we would love to pass that quality along to you.

Find out for yourself.