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Limited Edition, even more limited!

By Melissa Olmscheid | February 17, 2017

Only 2 Left of Each Model - Fender Channel Bound

We just had to let you know that we are down to just TWO of each of the 2016 Fender Channel Bound, Limited Edition guitars. What was initially a limited run (Only 100 of each model), is now EVEN MORE LIMITED here at Riff City Guitar.

These American made Fenders came beautifully appointed. The Stratocaster came loaded with Custom Shop Fat 50’s, with 2 point tremolo and bent steel saddles.  The channel bound, modern ‘C’, Maple and Rosewood fretboard was given a 9.5”-14” compound radius. The Telecaster was given the same fretboard specs and was loaded with a Custom Shop Vintage-style bridge pickup and a Custom Shop Twisted Tele in the neck position.

We’ve always loved these extremely comfortable, beautiful looking, channel bound fretboards.

Only TWO of each model remain of these extremely limited guitars.