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Mooer Pocket-sized Powerhouses

By Leslie Rich | April 11, 2017

Mooer Micro Preamps

10 Fantastic Pre-amp Micro Pedals

Mooer has developed ten interesting new pre-amp micro pedals, which they have modeled on a series of popular amplifiers. Theyʼve done this by “directly analyzing real tube amplifiers using a brand new technology to capture their sound, dynamics and response!” Well, then… Sounds like typical marketing rhetoric - at least until you plug them in. To be honest, weʼre pretty impressed. The functionality incorporated and the tones available are all highly commendable.

Running through the amplifiers theyʼre trying to emulate (And that Mooer are also not afraid of highlighting) we have…

Each pedal is effectively two channels, allowing you to switch between two different user EQ presets. The controls are Gain, Volume, Bass, Mid and Treble and a soft switch. The soft switch lights up blue, or red and each selection saves the settings you had when last selected. This soft switch, when held down for 2 seconds, also switches to the cab emulation mode, allowing you plug directly into a PA, soundcard, or powered monitor.

The foot switch can be used to switch the unit off and on (Its default setting), but can also be reassigned to switch between the “channels”. You do this by holding the switch down until the LED flashes. This also means that the preamp pedal will be “always on”.

Standard setup will have you plugging your guitar into the pedal and the pedalʼs output directly into the return of your ampʼs effects loop. This allows you to utilize the nifty and awesome sounding pre-amp models and use the power section of your amp for as much oomph as you need.

In the cab emulation mode, thereʼs really no need for anything more than plugging directly into your computerʼs soundcard, or interface for recording, or into the line-in of your PA, or just simply into a powered monitor or speaker.

And, let us reinforce the quality of these little guys - They wouldn't talk the talk of specifically calling out the amplifiers they emulate, if they couldn't walk the walk!

They might be small in stature, but they punch well above their weight class!

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