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MXR Shin Juku Now Taking Pre-Orders

By Leslie Rich | August 25, 2016

MXR Shin Juku Drive Guitar Effects Pedal

Now Announcing the Limited Edition MXR Custom Shop Shin Juku Drive.

Shipping from Riff City the week of August 29th.

Co-designed with the revered pedal designer Shin Suzuki, the Shin Juku is designed to capture the incomparable tone of the legendary Dumble Overdrive Special boutique amp. Being that putting your hands on an existing Dumble amplifier might put a five figure hole in your wallet, the MXR seems like a fair shot in the right direction.

Providing an amp-wide-open, creamy and harmonically rich overdrive with sustain for days and a fast touch sensitive response time, letting all of the details of your playing shine through.

From a very organic sounding boost to fat, juicy overdrive, maybe, just maybe, that never ending search for your tone has inched a little closer!

As they say in Tokyo, おまえは いけめんだ!
the Riff City Crew

P.S. – There is only a single run of 2500 units worldwide and retailers everywhere will be out of stock quickly.

P.P.S. – That means quit reading and get buying!