Riff City Shameless Plug - Gear News!

Nothing like getting good news just in time!

By Melissa Olmscheid | November 14, 2016

Chapman Price Drop

Pricing on almost all Chapman Guitars has just dropped – Now you can pick up your favorite model for way less than you thought! Nearly every model has been highly reduced...up to $160 off in some cases.  

The changes in currency rates - due to this Brexit thing we keep hearing about - have given us an unprecedented opportunity to pass big savings on to you. This price change goes into effect immediately, which means you can save now.

BUT PLEASE NOTE: The next shipment of Chapmans is not expected to get here before the Holidays, so we WILL RUN OUT OF CERTAIN MODELS before that. Do not wait if you want one.

If you’ve been itching to pull the trigger on say, a Rob Chapman Signature ML-3, an ML1 (AKA, the swiss army knife of guitars,) or any other Chapman Guitar, this news couldn’t have come at a better time. 

If you have purchased a Chapman guitar from us within the last 14 days and you haven’t already seen a refund, please contact us right way.

In an uncertain world, it’s good to have a ray of sunshine.