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Old dogs really can learn new tricks!

By Melissa Olmscheid | October 07, 2016

Fender Offset Short Scales

Just a little history lesson:

The Duo Sonic was first introduced in 1956, and the Mustang in 1964.  These were released as Fender’s ‘student’ models, with a shorter (22.5” or 24”) scale length.  The Mustang was reissued in 1990, and the Duo Sonic in 1993, but since then, there’s been a gap in short scale options for those who have grown to love them.  Now the ‘short scale squad’ has re-emerged with some super sweet new features, and at truly incredible prices! Let’s check out these new MIM masterpieces.

Duo Sonic & Duo Sonic HS – With Fender’s special Duo-Sonic pickups, great tone isn’t optional.  Keeping it classic, the guitars still feature their legendary 24” scale length and funky offset body shape.
Mustang & Mustang 90 – These also maintain the classic look and feel of their original counterparts, with a 24” scale.  They feature proprietary Mustang or Mustang MP-90 pickups, master volume/tone controls, and a straightforward 3-way selector switch, rather than the original slider switch.
Mustang Bass PJ – The Mustang bass was originally introduced in 1966 with a split single coil pickup (like a P Bass). Now you can get a revamped rendition of this classic with not only a split single coil, but also a single coil jazz bass pickup in the bridge! And of course, a comfortable 30” shorter scale.

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P.S.  For those of you frantically inquiring about these, we apologize for the delay in the release and urge you to move fast.