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Pedals that work with you, not against you

By Melissa Olmscheid | January 02, 2017

Chase Bliss Pedals

While setting out to find the absolute BEST combination of tweak-ability and sought-after analog tone, founder of Chase Bliss Audio, Joel Korte, scored the perfect formula: “Digital Brain, Analog Heart.” Each pedal has a “digital brain,” or set of extensive controls that allow you to modify your tone so it fits into your rig like a glove. The “analog heart” makes sure that the raw, original character of your guitar doesn’t get compromised.

The Tonal Recall, Spectre, Gravitas, Wombtone and Warped Vinyl are the products of this ingenious formula. These five pedals feature all-analog signal paths and digital controls that will take you far beyond the ordinary delay, flanger, tremolo, phaser, and vibrato/chorus pedals. Sure to surpass your expectations, Chase Bliss Audio has the all-in-one solution to every pedal enthusiasts’ problems. Just plug in, and tweak away!

New year means some new pedals, right? To secure one of these bad boys, place your order as soon as possible. We have already had to reorder because they are selling fast, so save yourself the longer wait!