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Reverend promos, giveaways and special editions!

By Leslie Rich | September 08, 2016

Reverend Guitar Month

In the same month that we celebrate Labor Day, and pay tribute to hard-working people, Riff City Guitar has selected the guitar most known for its hard work and the players who choose that guitar - Reverend - to honor in the month of September.

We hereby proclaim September, from here on out...to be: 

***Reverend Guitar Month at Riff City***

So what does that mean anyway?  

Well...being that no guitar has ever had its own month at Riff City, we're learning as we go, but let's start with this:

  • For our non-local customers- try a Reverend Guitar for FREE*
  • For local customers we will have special in-store promotions going on all month (if you don't live near, just call for details)
  • Special prototype, one-off and exclusive models available throughout the month- some NEVER seen before editions.
  • Reverend Artist Spotlights honoring some of the the hardest working Reverend players on the planet. 
  • Giveaways throughout the month...be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram to learn more, because that's where will be posting the giveaway announcements.

Get ready for an awesome month, paying tribute to an even "awesomer" guitar!

Starting the month out right, right?

the Riff City Crew