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Reverend Sensei HB 2016 LE's Are Here!

By Leslie Rich | August 17, 2016

The Reverend Sensei is known for its full-bodied, midrange warmth and fantastic upper fret access.  And now you can get this incredibly versatile guitar with a Bigsby B-50, including Reverend’s special “Soft-touch” spring.

True to Reverend, these guitars are made out of Korina, a medium-light weight wood that is known for its consistency and superb tonal qualities.  The new Senseis also feature Reverend’s innovative ‘bass contour’ knob for tightening up the low end and completely re-voicing your pickups.  These flamed beauties won’t last forever, because they are a limited run model.

And now, while this limited run remains in stock, you can get a REAL collectors guitar!

Click here to get one now- Reverend Sensei 2016 LE