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Schecter Omen Extreme Series

By Ellen Leach | May 10, 2017

When you think of “Schecter,” what first comes to mind? Probably some image of a super-shredder guitar with a stunning quilted top and Vector inlays.

Schecter’s Omen Extreme series is partially responsible for putting that image in your head. With some of the most striking finishes like Black Cherry, Vintage Sunburst, and See-Thru Black, along with quilted maple tops, these guitars know how to turn heads and make a statement. The Abalone and Pearloid Vector inlays are also a staple feature in this series, making the guitars’ appearance stand out even more.

The series has a lot to offer including several shapes, string configurations, and even a few bass models. Some are also available with a Floyd Rose tremolo system for those who love a good “dive bomb” without compromising the tuning and setup of their instrument.

The most “extreme” part, however, is the price! Most Omen Extreme models ring up under $500, which is incredible for the specs.

Since it’s Schecter Month, you can try one of these bad boys for free* and snag a sweet in-store promo. Just give us a call at 877.260.7301 to find out more!