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Special Run Gretsch Pro-Jet Colors

By Melissa Olmscheid | October 17, 2016

Gretsch Special Run Colors

What a start to the week, Riff City!

Are you the kind of person that wants to stand out in your field and not follow the norm? With the Gretsch G5435 Pro Jet in either exclusive Riff City Guitar Surf Green or Tangerine Sparkle finish, you can now make your mark without breaking the bank.

You might do a double-take when you see the price tag, becuase the quality and tone of these Pro Jets at $399.99 far exceeds expectations. With a chambered basswood body, the guitar is light on the shoulder, but delivers plenty of meat via the standard Black Top Filter’Tron pickups. They sit closer to Mini-Humbucker territory, which lends the Pro Jet some real authority to compete for the modern guitar player.

With looks and tone this good, be prepared to get noticed. They are in stock and ready to ship.

the Riff City Crew

P.S. The $399.99 price is the same as you would pay for any standard color.  We are offering these at no "up-charge" as an introductory offer- the price is likely to go up soon.