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Stop dreaming, start recording…

By Melissa Olmscheid | October 07, 2016

Two Notes

Two Notes Audio sets out to prove that computer recording is not a ‘sound-engineer-only” thing.  With studio-quality preamps and recording solutions, Two Notes makes recording simple, encouraging, and not to mention tons of FUN!  Products that were originally designed for studio and live sound professionals can now be placed in YOUR hands. 

President Guillaume Pille is an electronics researcher and music enthusiast, with a background in guitar, composing and signal processing, so he definitely knows what he’s doing! In 2009, Pille and his team released the Torpedo VB-101, built to the highest quality standards.

Some highlights of the lineup include tube preamps like the Le Bass, Le Clean, Le Crunch and Le Lead. The Torpedo C.A.B. and Torpedo Live speaker simulators are also well known and used by many for their recording needs.  Let Two Notes make recording easy and fun for you, too!

the Riff City Crew

P.S.  Our good friend Rabea Massaad does some AWESOME demos on this stuff – check out his YouTube channel!