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Third Time is a Charm

By Melissa Olmscheid | November 23, 2016

Free Vox Pathfinder

THANK YOU, THANK YOU and three times THANK YOU! We feel your love and support and want to give that back.

On this, the third day of giving, we’re offering you a FREE VOX PATHFINDER, 10 Watt practice ampwith any purchase over $300.

The Pathfinder 10 Guitar amp, comes with clean, or high gain thoroughly British tones all through a 6.5” speaker (MSRP $79.99)

Or if you’re a bass guy, you can choose the Pathfinder 10 Bass, with its dual Vox Bulldog 5” speakers, it delivers all the thump you’d expect from something bigger (MSRP $99.99)

We’re just all about the warm fuzzies this week!

 These DAILY DEALS won’t carry over, so today is the ONLY day we’re offering the FREE VOX PATHFINDER. *While supplies last.