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By Melissa Olmscheid | January 04, 2017

Free T-Shirt with Amptweaker Purchase

Built like a tank and as versatile as a Swiss army knife, Amptweaker effects pedals continually surprise with useful features the more you use it.

From the effects loop, SideTrak loop, steel roll bars, magnetized battery door and true bypass through to the lit knob indicators and battery off switch there’s little that James Brown hasn’t already thought of.

From the Pro, right through to the Jr series, we’re giving away a free, “Tweaked In America” t-shirt* with every Amptweaker pedal purchase.

There is a limited supply both t-shirts and pedals and it’s easy to see neither will last long.

These t-shirt promotions are usually some of our most successful, so let’s get your order in before you miss out!

Prepare to be tweaked!