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By Melissa Olmscheid | November 01, 2016

G&L Month

Good Morning Riff City!

A truly classic lineup of “axes” takes the stage this month! G&L was founded by the one and only Leo Fender with his good friend and technical genius George Fullerton (George & Leo = G&L). The company was Leo’s last and most significant move to ensure the true Fender legacy and innovation would continue.  In honor of Leo Fender’s legacy, we proudly proclaim the entire month of November to be:

***G&L Guitars Month at Riff City***

We want you to score a brand new G&L just as much as you do, so we put together some offers you won’t want to miss! Let us tell you what that means…

  •  For our non-local customers, try a G&L for FREE*
  • Special in-store promos including free gear, one-of-a-kind guitars, and special product incentives (on Tribute AND USA models) will be in place. Don’t worry if you don’t live near, just call for details!
  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for extra in-store incentives throughout the month and be sure to watch out for a special giveaway sometime during the month so you can enter to win your VERY OWN custom-built G&L (you know…the one in your dreams…)

We can’t wait to kick off this exciting month, paying ‘tribute’ (get it?) to some of our personal favorites. 

What are you waiting for?  It’s November, isn’t it? It starts NOW!