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Your headstock can say “Martin” too!

By Melissa Olmscheid | October 07, 2016

Martin Acoustics

Martin brought out new X Series guitars this year that gives you all 183 years of Martin experience in a guitar you can feel good about!

Most of the new models are essentially a combination of the Performing Artist and original X Series guitars (yay, cutaways!). All guitars still feature Martin’s High Pressure Laminate (HPL) back and sides, which is great for durability and doesn’t harm the environment. It'll give you plenty of warm fuzzies with the knowledge that you're doing something environmentally friendly, but you're not compromising your tone while doing it. All of the guitars also feature a Stratabond neck, so strong that it needs to be carved with a diamond cutter. Another notable feature on all X series guitars is their Richlite fretboards and bridges, which are actually more expensive to produce than ebony.

The new releases also give you more wood patterns to choose from, including three very esthetically pleasing Macasssar options. They also extended the line with some Jett Black models, giving you the option of dreadnought, grand performance, or OM - with or without a cutaway. Like we hinted before, another extension of the line includes all of your favorite originals, now equipped with cutaways. Get your favorite solid sitka spruce-topped models (with your choice of koa, sapele, or rosewood back and sides) with better upper-fret access!

You know, if this was about "cheaping out", or cutting corners, we would have very little to talk about. What is retained, however, is all of Martin's superb craftsmanship, bass response and superior tone all wrapped up in a package that is beautiful, immensely playable and environmentally conscious.

If you're needing a durable guitar for the road, a first guitar, or even an upgrade to your first guitar, the 2016 Martin X series will tick all of the boxes.

the Riff City Crew

P.S. This spring, Martin also added some fun soprano ukuleles to their lineup. Make sure you check out the new OX Bamboo Uke - available in green, red, and blue!