Ernie Ball Paradigm Super Slinky Electric Guitar Strings

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Ernie Ball Paradigm Super Slinky

The Ernie Ball Paradigm strings are now on the market and are considered to be the most break-resistant strings on the PLANET! Get increased strength and longer life while maintaining the Slinky tone and feel. The ultra-high strength steel is incorporated in the core and winding, along with a patented reinforcement at the ball end twist of each plain string to provide superior strength for strings that lock into tune fast and hold up to stressors. These strings also feature Ernie Ball's Everlast nanotreatment with breakthrough plasma enhanced wrap wire for extra corrosion resistance and debris-buildup. 

Features & Technical Specs:

  • Gauge: .009, .011, .016, .024w, .032, .042
  • Instrument: 6-String Electric Guitar
  • Core Material: Ultra-High Strength Steel
  • Wind Type: Roundwound 
  • Number of Sets: 1

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