Greer Amps SOMA 63 Vintage Preamp Pedal

Product Code: Soma63

Greer Amps SOMA 63 Preamp

Shipping Early/Mid February

The Greer Amps SOMA 63 is launching Greer into the world of transformer-based preamps, as their first XFR series pedal. Anything but subtle, the SOMA 63 delivers an incredibly pronounced textural element that can be heard even by the least trained ears. Get those iconic "brown amp" sounds from the early '60s, with all the necessary controls and even a cabinet simulator that zooms in on the output profile of the legendary Utah 4x10" speaker. SOMA 63 is the real deal!

The tone stack is designed to deliver a dynamic range of options. The Presence control is designed to affect the general sound of the entire circuit. It features a steel core transformer in the audio signal path, which lends to the overall tone shaping of the circuit. When the gain is pushed hard, especially with higher output pickups, the transformer will saturate, much like a vintage amplifier. SOMA 63 can be used as a tone-shaping preamp, or as an overdrive pedal. 

  • Type: Preamp
  • Control Knobs: Volume, Presence, Gain, Bass, Treble
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4"
  • Outputs: 1 x 1/4"
  • Power Supply: 9V DC Power Supply Negative Center (Not Included)
    • At 9 volts, the SOMA 63 will have more grit and texture. At 18 volts, you will get more headroom, a bit stiffer response, and less overall grit. 
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Warranty Information: Click Here for Warranty Information