Chapman Guitars

Chapman Guitars

In 2014 Chapman Guitars and Riff City Guitar had the most serendipitous meeting the Guitar industry had ever seen.  A popular Youtube guitar player, Rob Chapman, a colorful personality to say the least, with dreads reaching halfway down his back would shake hands with US nuts-and-bolts businessman who had just a year earlier launched a retail guitar store.  With both companies in their infancy at the time, a partnership that would propel both enterprises to meteoric rises was forged with that handshake.  They would go on to sell thousands of guitars in the US in unconventional ways including two American Expedition bus tours where the two unlikely friends forged a lifelong friendship. 

Chapman Guitars are truly the best value in modern day electric guitars due to factory direct model that bypasses distributor markups.  Wildly popular due to Rob Chapman's appeal to his loyal YouTube fanbase, the reviews speak for them selves.  Chapman guitars are high quality guitars at incredibly affordable price points, a mission that Rob Chapman himself has laid out from the beginning. 

Chapman Standard and Pro Series Guitars

In 2017, Chapman Guitars introduced 29 new models to their lineup, keeping a handful of the old range as well. In this new launch, Chapman Guitars also divided the range into two distinct series, Standard and Pro. The Chapman 2017 Standard Series are meant to provide guitar players of all experience levels an incredible guitar at an affordable price, whereas the Chapman 2017 Pro Series is aimed at the discerning player with more discerning tastes and appetite for upgraded hardware.

Now, for 2018, they have added 16 more models! New models include the long-awaited Standard and Pro lefties, 7-strings, and the new basses - including Dave Hollingworth's signature models. They have also upgraded and re-released the Norseman in two new colors, and refined the CAP10 in White with rolled edges. 

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