The electric D59V Vintage Danelectro 12 String Guitar.

These '59 reissues are just great sounding guitars...

if you like Danelectro, then then you're familiar with the tone, but the modern electronics and the attention to details, lends a tone and feel that will surprise even long time fans. This 12 string electric, which Danelectro refer to as the Vintage 12 string, comes in a range of classic colors, Red Metallic, Dark Aqua and Vintage White, further enhancing the vintage vibe.

It's probably the easiest 12 string you will play. The neck profile and the lightness of the guitar all make for a very comfortable playing experience. The typical short horn shape, gives you great access up the neck. The body is hollow and that feature is shown off really nicely by an "S" shaped f hole, that somewhat reflects the shape of the '59's pickguard. The strings are strung with the octave first, which gives that slightly brighter sound right out of the box. The lower string also are through body, whereas the octave string are toploaded. The bridge, by the way, sits fairly low, making it never feel in the way. Unlike some of the other '59 reissues, there is only a master tone and master volume to control the two, single coil, lipstick pickups and then a three way switch.

That neck pickup... MAN! It's rich and booming, which in some regards, tames the usual jangle you'd expect. Even when plugged in the neck pickup still gives a woody, almost acoustic tone. Kicking back to the bridge pickup will have you nodding your head as you crank up those Byrds riffs and the guitar blooms with that expected, 12 string shimmer.

If you only have one 12 string electric, then this one must surely come top of the list. Lightweight, priced right, comfortable to play and a tone that won't let you down.

The Danelectro 12 String D59V is available to ship at Riff City Guitar!

Danelectro 12 String D59V Electric Guitar

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