The Danelectro 59M series with a couple of surprising spins

The Danelectro 59 is probably one of the most instantly recognizable classics.

It always had the "lipstick" style of single coil pickups and came with a wood saddle and more often than not was branded as a Silvertone (Danelectro built for Wards under the Silvertone name and for Sears Roebuck under the Airline name).

Thankfully these new models come with some modern changes that enhance an already great guitar.

The NOS+ has a fun twist to it's story. Danelectro found a shipment of NOS (New Old Stock), which would normally have guitarists drooling a little at the discovery of some imminent revelation on the alchemy that is vintage tone. The story, however is surely a little tongue in cheek bending of the truth, as these pickups were from 1999. The statement is not invalidated, however harmlessly deceiving and, as it turns out, these pickups do have a tonal range that is most certainly different that the modern stock lipsticks in the 59M.

The body is a hollow body masonite top and back on a plywood frame. It retains all the character of the original, although new appointments are the hugely more usable and resonant wraparound bridge, a three way selector switch and the stacked tone and volume controls for each pickup. The aluminum nut adds a bell-like quality that is pretty special.

The "Spruce" is what you'd expect it to mean; A spruce top and back on a frame with a rick-like slash for an F hole. These lipstick pickups, although not the NOS, have a good solid body in the low end and a garage band sounding punchy mid-range while still retaining the smooth brightness at the top end.

The '59 is a surprisingly gig ready guitar, even though it's lightweight and once you get over yourself a little and embrace the gritty early rock it represents you'll surely be long term friends!

The Danelectro 59M series is available right here at Riff City Guitar

Danelectro 59M Series

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