The 2016 Danelectro 64 with bigsby is instantly lovable!

A stunning looking guitar, breaking any of Danelectro's previous molds. With a German carved top and that licensed Bigsby tremolo really setting it apart from anything they've built before.

It's a solid feeling guitar with a wide, flat neck profile and a Mosrite styled reversed horn, double cutaway that allows you to reach right up to the 22nd fret. Danelectro's typically come with an aluminum nut, which adds something bell-like to the tone and the '64 also comes with a zero fret.

The Bigsby is enhanced with rolling saddles on the bridge, giving you every opportunity to exert twang, after 60's twang on the tremolo and still stay solidly in tune.

The real winner, though, comes in the pickup choices they've made. In the neck position, there's a wide, single coil, not unlike a P-90, that sounds warm and smooth when driven. The bridge pickup is made up of humbucking, dual Lipstick pickups that sound stunning, but also have the added benefit of being coil tapped. Simply pull up on the bridge pickup tone control to activate. The controls themselves are die-cast and feel solid (And look cool).

Plugged in and ran clean, the guitar has a warm 60's vibe to it, but allowing yourself the chance to take it up into snappy dog territory with a little amp breakup and the bridge pickup, will result in a satisfying growl that handles chords and lead lines with equal vigor.

The '64 comes in Sunburst, Dark Aqua, Orange Metallic, Indigo, Red Metallic and Vintage White - You are literally spoilt for choice and we're sure you could find a spot somewhere for one in your collection... You wouldn't be sorry.

The Danelectro 64 is available at Riff City Guitar today.

Danelectro 64 with Bigsby

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