Sonuus I2M MusicPort

Product Code: 403864

Sonuus i2M MusicPort

The Sonuus i2M Musicport turns your guitar, bass, or other instrument signal into a monophonic MIDI signal, so you can track MIDI parts or control a virtual instrument live. The Sonuus i2M is so universal that you don't need to mount a special pickup in your guitar just to use it. It will accurately and quickly picks up your MIDI information, even capturing such performance nuances as pitch bends.

Features and Tech Specs:

  • 16-bit, 44·1 kHz/48 kHz digital audio with Hi-Z input preamp.
  • Any musical instrument can be used as a solo MIDI instrument.
  • Optimised settings for: Guitar, 4-String Bass, 5-String Bass and Voice/Wind.
  • No instrument modifications or special pickups required.
  • Robust note detection — minimises wrong notes.
  • Very low latency & ultra-fast tracking.
  • Ultra-fast, accurate MIDI pitch-bend or chromatic mode.
  • Ultra-compact, lightweight and portable.
  • USB bus-powered (no power supply required).
  • Future-proof upgradeable firmware.

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