Keeley EH Workstation Verb O Trem Pedal - Store Demo

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This pedal was used as a demo in one of our stores and is in excellent condition! 

Keeley EH Verb O Trem Workstation 

The Keeley EH Verb O Trem Workstation pedal was collaboratively designed with Eddie Heinzelman, a session musician who currently plays guitar, mandolin, and sings background vocals with hit songwriter Radney Foster. It's a reverb/tremolo workstation that gives players that famous Keeley spring and plate reverb tones as well as modulated tube amp tremolos. Reverb and tremolo often sound best at the end of your rig, after effects like compression or drive, so the Verb O Trem is a great addition to the end of any pedal board! It offers 8 different reverbs and 8 different modulation effects (Reverb: 2 spring, 3 spring, plate, hall, chamber, room, fugue, and slapback. Modulation: sine wave, square wave, harmonic, dynamic harmonic, pitch vibrato, ramp trem, ‘Les’ rotary speaker, u-vibe). Each effect, reverb and modulation have their own effects engine, allowing for ornate filtering. Get the combination of tones you need for your rig with the Keeley EH Verb O Trem Workstation!

Features & Technical Specs:

  • Type: Reverb/Tremolo
  • Control Knobs: N/A
  • Inputs: 3 x 1/4" (Input, EXP, TAP)
  • Outputs: 2 x 1/4" (Mono, Stereo)
  • Power Supply: 9V DC (Power Supply Not Included)
  • Dimensions: 2.65" x 4.1" x 5.45" 
  • Weight: 1 lb. 
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • True Bypass
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