The G&L ASAT is inarguably 100% Leo heritage. One of the most recognized and coveted guitar shapes around, it also happens to be one of the most versatile guitars around. There are a wide variety of styles available, ranging from the Classic, through the Deluxe II, the Junior II, the Deluxe Carved Top, the Special and the Classic Bluesboy

On the ASAT Classic, the Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pickups deliver everything you’d expect. They’re a little bit hotter than a vintage T-style, with a more modern response. So still plenty of twang, but with a voice more suited to today’s players.

It has a traditionally styled “ashtray” bridge with individual brass saddles, again going for that “updated vintage” style.

The Paul Gagon designed, P-90, styled pickups in the Junior II and the Special, deliver well balanced and fat tones, while the Deluxe II and Deluxe Carved Top come loaded with twin, Chrome covered, Alnico humbuckers.

The Deluxe II and Junior II use Tone Pros locking bridge and stop-tail piece, while on the Deluxe Carved Top and Special, we utilize the Leo designed G&L Saddle Lock bridge.

The Bolt-On, hard rock Maple C shaped necks, bring you a traditional comfort and feel.

From clean Jazz, to fat sounding Blues riffs all the way in to modern rock, the G&L ASAT fits the bill and is a great choice for anyone 

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G&L ASAT Series Guitars

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