G&L Comanche Series

The G&L Comanche is a bright contender for an all-in-one guitar; It has something for everyone… That is, if you can get past the funky looking pickups. The thing is, those pickups are a little piece of genius and the tone they deliver is something of a revelation.

What you start with is a classic Leo design, with the double cutaway shape that is so familiar. In fact, this was the very last guitar that Leo designed. It has a meaty Swamp Ash (On premier finishes), or Alder (On standard finishes) body and a rock maple “modern Classic” neck with 22 medium jumbo frets that are nicely rolled and a joy to play. The innovative, G&L Dual Fulcrum vibrato with forged brass saddles, controls the bridge end, while a 100% natural 1 11/16” bone nut manages the chording end of things.

Where things get juicy, is with the odd Z shaped pickups. The MFD Z-Coil’s are essentially two separate, three-string, single coils that are wound out of phase, cancelling the 60 cycle hum. They have all the quack and spank of a traditional single coil, but deliver both a glassiness to the highs and a robustness to the lows. Add to that G&L’s PTB system, you can dial back the tones controls to pull all sorts of new life out of the pickups. I can tell, you’ve probably never used your tone controls much – just dime ‘em and leave ‘em, but with the PTB system, you can actually get to chase tone down a few pathways that have never been open to you before.

Lastly, G&L have included on the Comanche, an expander switch, that essentially allows you to select neck & bridge together, or even the powerful all three at once!

If it wasn’t built into such a solid base, with comfortable and familiar playing dimensions, it might be novelty, but instead, the G&L Comanche might just be the last guitar you’ll ever need!

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G&L Comanche Series Guitars

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