G&L is the guitar company founded by Leo FenderGeorge Fullerton, and Dale Hyatt in 1979.

Building on the unquestionable legacy of Leo Fender, the guitars obviously have his aesthetic to them.

Everything is still built at the same factory on Fender Avenue, Fullerton, California.

G&L Guitars released the F-100, the first guitar produced. This featured two humbucking pickups, employing Leo's new proprietary Magnetic Field Design technology. It also used a complex active/passive electronics system, which pushed the limits of tonal versatility.

Soon after they released the ASAT Classic (Originally named the Broadcaster), ASAT Special, the S-500, Comanche, ASAT Classic Bluesboy, the Legacy, the SC-2, the Fallout and the Ascari. Many other designs have come and gone, while innovations still continue to be made.

The dual fulcrum vibrato, the saddle lock bridge and the tilt neck mechanism are some of the innovations that have come from the G&L factory.

In 2003 G&L Guitars introduced the Tribute series. The Tribute series offers many of the original designs, but built more affordably overseas, allowing guitarists a more affordable alternative to the USA models.

Leo may have left us, but G&L continues to design and innovate true to Leo’s spirit.


G&L Guitars

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