G&L Fallout Series

The G&L Fallout series is almost a “fan-built” guitar, with its inspiration coming from the likes of Devo’s Mark and Bob Mothersbaugh and Band Of Susans’ Robert Poss, who modded the early 80’s SC-2. These were comfortable, light and could take a beating and seemed just ripe to bring back into the limelight. Especially in today’s penchant for modern takes on retro designs (And yes, the 1980’s are now retro, to those of us that grew up then!).

Full of 60’s vibe, The G&L Fallout is much hotter than the SC2. The vintage looking cream, or pearloid pickguard, is paired with barrel control knobs and a vintage tinted, gun-oil rubbed neck to keep the look and feel. Under the hood, we’ve got a Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker in the bridge (With a coil-tap) and a G&L P90 in the neck. You’re getting meaty tones by the bucket. By dialing in the neck P90 you get all that creamy goodness and heading back to the bridge, you get tons of bite and hot gain. Selecting the two together brings you everything from gritty Americana, to all out punk warfare.

It was built to be abused and can handle every bit you care to throw at it

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G&L Fallout Series Guitars

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