G&L S-500

The G&L S-500 had its debut in 1982. It brought about a much hoped for evolution to one of the most familiar guitar designs with Leo back in the driving seat.

The MFD single coils have all the familiar quack and spank, but with a much richer bottom and and more sparkle to the top. The S-500’s innovative PTB (Passive Treble and Bass) system, functioning on all three pickups, keeps things detailed and glassy as you roll the tone controls back. The S-500 also includes a mini-toggle switch to allow neck & bridge combination, or all three pickups together. It just oozes versatility!

The S-500 also came with a Leo designed dual fulcrum vibrato, an incredibly stable system, allowing both upward and downward bending.

It was designed for guitarists, by, inarguably, one of the greatest guitar designers ever.

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G&L S-500

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