The G&L SC 2 USA

If you consider the ASAT Special to be the ultimate G&L, you’ll be glad to know that it owes it’s birthright to the original, 1983 SC-2. This was the guitar that introduced Leo’s Jumbo Magnetic Field Design single coils (MFD). These guitars were comfortable and powerful and earned the respect of many. They’re considered some of the best sounding G&L’s ever made.

In 2009 the SC-2 joined the line-up again and gave inspiration to the Fallout; A guitar built upon modified early SC’s by the likes of Mark and Bob Mothersbaugh from Devo and the Band Of Susans’ Robert Poss.

The 2016 G&L USA SC-2 retains the original, Leo Fender body design, but the updates are plenty.  The neck blends a vintage look with modern playability; A modern ‘C’ shape with a 12” radius and medium jumbo frets. The bridge is the high sustain G&L Saddle Lock bridge, with an optional Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato with certain finishes.

Articulate and smooth, the SC-2 can take on jazz, blues, rock and country, or any sonic mashup you care to name.

Leo was always looking forward. The 2016 SC-2 meets THAT demand and more!

G&L’s 1983 SC-2 was a little piece of Leo Fender’s genius. This was the guitar that introduced Leo’s MFD single coils – A single coil capable of taking any beating thrown its way… and many from the grunge era were happy to oblige! The guitar was comfortable and powerful and earned the respect of many.

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