Jackson Fanned Fret X Series Soloist

Jackson introduces another series of ergonomically comfortable and stylish guitars for 2016 - the SLAT7 and SLAT8 fanned fret. With two scale lengths, 25.5 on the higher strings and 27 on the lower, this guitar unlocks countless possibilities for your playing. The comfortable 12" to 16" compound radius makes it even more slick.  It features an arched basswood body with staggered individual saddles, and is stacked with EMG 808s and EMG 909's respectively.

Fanned fret guitars are perfect for high speed, down-tuned playing, lending you better definition of harmonics due to the higher accuracy of intonation. String tension is also better balanced, especially the G string, which on normally fretted guitars tends to have higher tension.

Both guitars are beautifully built, exceptionally comfortable and designed to pull the best out of your chugging rhythm and soaring leads!

Jackson Fanned Fret X Series Soloist at Riff City Guitar

Jackson Fanned Fret X Series Soloist

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