Beautiful, distinctive USA built ukuleles

In recent times the rise in popularity of the ukulele brought all sorts of manufacturers out of the woodwork (So to speak). The huge variety of prices points, quality and materials can be dazzling, never mind the sometimes unusual choices of retail outlets, creating further confusion. It can be argued that the ukulele’s seriousness as a stringed instrument could be questioned.

The 2015 Kala Elite Series USA set out to debunk that notion by building instruments of exceptional quality that deliver tone as rich and distinctive as the Koa they’re built from. There are three tiers within the series, each with increasingly higher grades of Chatoyancy - A word used to describe the striking, three-dimensional glow of the wood grain and its jaw dropping beauty. The word “WOW” was made for these instruments

If being beautiful was all there was to say, then it wouldn’t be enough. From the hand carved, lightweight bracing, bone saddles, mother of pearl inlays, and thin, modern UV finishes that keep the instrument light while protecting the wood.

The small, but mighty team at the Kala factory in Petaluma, California create some of the finest ukuleles on the market that, due to the nature of Koa, will only improve with time.

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Riff City Crew

WHAT’S REMARKABLE – Outstanding level of craftsmanship

KEY FEATURES – Hand Carved Bracing, Bone Saddles, Mother Of Pearl Inlays, Hard Shell Case, Modern UV Finishes

INTERESTING FACT – Koa wood “opens up” with use, meaning that every time you play it it sounds better than the last!

WHAT GIVES? – Phew! Those prices aren’t for the faint hearted!

Kala Elite

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