The Orange O Bass is taking rock back to it's roots with a classic sounding (And looking!), affordable bass guitar.

A comfortable and exceptional bass. It’s harmonically rich, it thunders and grooves, and makes you want to vow to always wear your bass slung low. It reinforces the very ideas that made you get into playing in the first place.

The O Bass was the idea of Orange Technical Director and lead designer Adrian Emsley. It essentially brings together his extensive knowledge and love of modifying all kinds of bass guitars and his love for vintage gear. He’s created a particularly charismatic bass. The O Bass really delivers where it counts, not just in it’s pretty clean lines and simple, vintage aesthetics. It produces a pretty familiar sound, but most certainly with an edge of something you haven’t quite experienced before. It sits beautifully “mid-atlantic”, taking all the best from the American blues that crossed the pond that was then thrown back via the Beatles in the 60’s. The British punk scene mixing with the gritty American rock music of the late 70’s and the recent resurgence of players seeking the roots of the rock music they love and perform.

The Split coil hum bucker sits a little more forward resulting in something that’s particularly distinctive, with a solid, well defined mid range combined with a sturdy low end - Digging in with a pick gives you a rootsy buzz, going back to the early days of rock’n’roll (In Emsley’s words, “That growls like a policeman’s dog!”). Holding back a little gives you something more akin to the Wrecking Crew giving you a soul music groove, or perhaps a little Detroit pep!

The O Bass first showed up at the 2014 winter NAMM, that although was just there as a demonstration piece, still managed to find its way on to the internet. This resulted in an overwhelming public response asking for it to be made.

34” scale, split coil hum buckers, 3 classic colors (Off Black, Teardrop Sunburst and, of course, Orange), basic volume/tone electronics and a solid, top loading bridge.

Your Orange O Bass is ready at Riff City Guitar!

Orange O Bass

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